OMG is it EASTER?!


But OMG it is a 4 day weekend!

Friday – some exercise (20min x-trainer, 20 min treadmill run) then off to Sare’s for Hot Cross buns – I had them in lieu of lunch. Gotta love HCBs but it masquerades as raisin toast throughout the rest of the year. Yet I don’t eat raisin toast. Good to catch up with old friends from uni – one of whom has just passed his final (of 22) exams for opthalmology training. He was a different person, in very fine form. Then we went out for the obligatory good friday fish and chips (had the fish grilled).

Saturday – out to South Melbourne, Cafe Sweethearts, for brekky, then to St Ali for coffee. It is good coffee but not life-changingly so. St Ali is much hyped for its coffee. Then off to the gym for more xtrainer exercise.

Off in the arvo to the Mother in Laws in the sticks to stay. The dog loved the company and the car ride, though she gets a bit whingy at the end of it. Kind of like “are we there yet” in dog-yap.

Sunday – off to the Bendigo easter festival, beautiful weather for it too. We took the dog and she was given treats by stall holders. This arvo, after lunch, a nap. I don’t know what we gave the dog to eat (possibly left over hcbs) but she has the farts really, really bad. We have had to banish her outside on multiple occasions.

My ITB is playing up – I think the x-trainer stirs it up rather than the running, so I will pop the anti-inflamms and avoid the x-trainer! Need to keep the body in tip-top condition because it is now LESS THAN 2 WEEKS till trailwalker. AAAAARRRRGH. Am trying not to think too much about it.

In some other exciting news, I am meeting up with a professor of medicine on wednesday to discuss commencing a research degree (MD or PhD)  next year. It is quite common to do research degrees in other specialties (actually nearly mandatory if you want a consultant post) but not in geriatrics. I am interested in researching obesity in the elderly – it is a confluence of 2 epidemics that is approaching. I spoke with the prof on the phone last week and he sounded quite positive about it. I just need to look for scholarships to supplement my (very) part time income next year. Will let youse know how it all goes…….

Well  enjoy the last quarter of the break! Drive safely too (what is it about holidays that brings out the dickhead in dickhead drivers??)

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  1. Sounds like an great relaxing Easter break. I gave my dog left over enchiladas just before she went on a 9 hour car ride with Dean- hee hee! She just sleeps the whole time, no interest in anything other than putting her head on the centre console and snoring.

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