Yesterday we went for megawalkies, with the intention of going for 12 hours.

We all met at Jells at 0700 ish (or 715 hours for me – hey, I run on doctor time) :P. We set off out on the trail to Churchill and then on to Lysterfield. I tried to engage the girls in some singing – “This is the song that doesn’t end”, “here we go, here we go, here we go (etc etc)”. Then I finally got a bite off shells with “The Grand Old Duke of York”* – this was sung/shouted as we were going up the hill in Churchill NP. We got some amused looks from other trailwalkers. Hey, we need a bit of craziness as it is a crazy task we are attempting. We had a few nice chats with some other groups and there were plenty of peeps out on the trail.

I had remembered to bring everything I needed, except for the voltaren. I nabbed a couple of nurofen from shells which seemed to keep away the pain for the most part. If only I had manage to bodyglide in chafe-prone areas – my fellow supersheilas were regaled with detailed stories about my chafing.

I had taped both feet to kingdom come, unfortunately this did not stave off the blisters completely, I copped a couple on my left heel and medial arch.

Toward the end of the walk, I started getting a vague pain in my left leg. I could not work out where it was coming from – ITB / TFL?. I got home, jumped in the shower and then worked out what it was – I had strained my tibialis anterior (muscle at the front of the shin) by holding my blistered foot in a slightly odd position to minimise pain from the blisters.

Despite this, Shells and I ran a couple of the final kilometres, just to take the strain off the overworked muscles. Why? ‘Cause we COULD.

See jay’s blog for photos, they are ripper.

That night, Ian and I went to the sporting club hotel, I had the fish and chips (hey, I just did a marathon) and then we went to bed at about 9pm.

Today we woke up at 9am (12 hours – some kind of record) and went to brekky. I was surprisingly intact after the long walk, insofar I was able to walk without looking funny. I went to the city and spent some cashola on Thorlo socks and ultra-comfy undies, sports tape, a vego cookbook and I managed to find the perfect pair of shooties (that’s shoes crossed with booties). The ausrunners (Andrew and Kathryn) may remember the discussion between hubby and I… – luckily he wasn’t cross with me when I got home.

Weigh in this morning – no weight lost, but I have lost a further centimetre off my waist and a further inch off my hips. I am happy with this.

*Lyrics can be provided on request.

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  1. Sounds like I missed a great walk. You girls must be having a fantastic time out there. Hope the chafe heals quickly.

  2. Love the “black tongue” photo!

    Ok, I take it back, you obviously are the boss in your house, and Ian (like all of us) just does as he’s told, and let’s you get away with whatever you like 🙂

  3. We did so well! I am proud of all of us, with our TW pains and strains and chafing, etc! We are troopers! super troopers!

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