The getting of Zen


I was still in a bit of a funk this morning. I gave my sister a thumb-lashing (i.e. a stern message on facebook) to stop with the expensive flat, cigarettes, internet and gym and then hitting me and mum for money when broke. Got a thumb lashing right on back. sigh.

I went for a home visit today – lovely family, very dedicated to their beloved elderly family member. The best thing was that they breed british bulldogs – ugliest dogs on earth, but sooooo cute. One even did a little wave with its front paws while perched on his bum. This dog had a bit of an issue with slobbering and grunting, though. Nice families who care about their relatives make me happy. Nice dogs make me happy. So I was happy after that.

I went to edumacation this arvo but promptly got a headache and an irresistible urge to sleep, so went home early.

Today, I started Bosu pilates classes (Bosu stands for both sides up – basically like a fitball sliced in half). It is basically intense balance training, which is important for trailwalker. The fact that I have an old ankle injury and have worn orthotics since my mid teens have made my ankles and feet weak and my balance shocking. So I am hoping to rectify this.

Sometimes I daydream a bit during pilates, but no opportunity for that. It took really intense focus to keep myself balanced in various poses. Quite meditative.

So I am feeling quite a bit better today. Despite a scone and a lindt ball, I have kept within my weight watchers points range, and then got bonus points for exercise that I didn’t use. Go me.

Friday – hopefully a run before work. Then work (bleerrrrr). Then off to meet the brother in law’s new girlfriend. Very exciting.

Then off for (cue scary music) MEGAWALKIES on saturday.

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  1. I’ve been going to buy one of those Bosu things for a while but they are pretty expensive. Kate has to do a fair bit of balance stuff for her knee so perhaps now is a good time. Good luck with megawalkies!

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