Happiness….is kiddies patting a dog.


Yesterday – went to the melb food and wine festival for the hawker night. Very hard to find vegies and seafood, but did it – did not submit to the temptations of the grilled chinese sausage. But did give in to the banana fritter and icecream! Also saw the guy off the 7pm project – not Hughesy, the other guy (was told later – Charlie Pickering). I was going to go up to him and say “Hey, you’re that GUY…”. That would have been far too lame for words though.

Today – had a run in with my longest love-hate relationship. That is: The afternoon tea spread of yummy food. As usual, I did not stop at one biscuit or chocolate. (I did not gorge myself till I was stuffed either, but that takes A LOT of food).

I felt terrible afterwards. I absolutely kicked myself, and the kicking spread onto other areas. I am in a position where I have to get a lot of feedback and it makes me anxious and down on myself.

I was going to go to the gym after work but felt sapped with energy, so I went and laid down for a while. Then I snapped out of it and took the dog for a walk. She loved it. It was a good arms workout because the dog was pulling on the lead a lot.

The best bit was stopping outside a pizza restaurant where some kids were waiting outside for their parents. They looked at the dog hopefully…..And I stopped and let them pat the dog. They smiled and I smiled.

Spreading the canine good cheer.

I balanced the dietary indiscretions with vegemite and toast for dinner……not really hungry after.

Better get back to SYTYCD. Go Ivy and Robbie!!

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