R4TK – dunno what time I did it in.


The weather bode well for the day – brilliant sun and a bit of a breeze, but anything over about 16 degrees is too hot 🙂

Met up with some of the folk at the Gazebo – Andrew, Shells, John but missed Em, Kathryn and Jay.

Not as much ducking and weaving at the start although there were plenty of reds in the yellow zone.

The first 6km went really well – I was thinking- “I am gunning for a PB here”. The bridge was tough – a stiff headwind- and I walked the last 100 or so metres to the apex but ran down. After this point, I was passing a lot of people. A lot of people stopped suddenly on the track in front of me and they got a soft palm in the back from me as a “gentle” reminder not to be a dickhead.

At around 10 – 11 km I started to “die in the arse”- I think I headed out too hard, plus I was getting some blisterage on my feet. I ended up walking up the collins st hill and all the other inclines. I was still  passing more people than were passing me.

I think I ended up crossing the line in about 1:45 – per km, about the same time as last year, with less training, maybe an extra kilo and an injury or two. Certainly not as ugly as GAR last year.

So well done me. 🙂

After – a lovely bevwah at the pub with Andrew, Jay, Shells and Kathryn, caught a glimpse of Dave and Berny but no Tony or Em.

Then a wander about the city – not bad to walk around after a long run.

Next week – 12 hour walkies. Errrrrrrr.

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