a big tight ball of sore.


I went to the sports masseuse at OPSMC and got a flogging. Soooo sore! I had more tight spots in my butt, hips and thighs than I thought possible. And I paid 90 bux for the privilege! A spinal block would have been good, I think.

Then I caught up (over the phone) with a friend, Helen. She had a bubby 3 months ago and sounds awash with female nursing happy hormones and general bliss. This makes me calmer about future motherhood. A couple of my senior colleagues at work, who are mums of little children, keep telling me about how they have no life. This, and reading a little Germaine Greer, has frightened me ever so slightly. Yet I see mums like Helen, and a few of my other friends who still manage to have great lives, and I feel better about it all.

NO I am not pregnant. Planning for a year or two away.

Yesterday I went up to Shepparton with the boss. Did pretty much sweet fanny adams all day. We visited Numurkah hospital and they gave us each a bottle of wine. It is funny – in the city you work your buttocks off and very rarely get thanked, then you just go and visit the country and they are just so very grateful to see any doctor.

I plan on having a fairly bludgy day today, involving NSAIDs, tiger balm and herbal tea, in preparation for the running extravaganza tomorrow.

I hope to see as many of youse as possible there – 0830 at the Gazebo?

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