Diet Neurosis Episode 242


Ok so I have made some major overhauls to my diet lately.

Those being

– no meat

– loads of vegies and pulses

– more wholesome snacks (nuts, fruit) rather than processed stuff.

A more healthy, filling and more importantly moral and sustainable diet.

I have ramped back up on my exercise – in fact I went to the gym and did cross trainer and difficult intervals (up to 11.5 km/hr), next time I will do 12 km/hr.

I have lost 4 cm off my waist (was 84, now 80 and officially within recommended guidelines.

So what do I get all neurotic about? The fact that the scales have stagnated somewhat.

iknowiknowiknow it is about health, slow changes, be patient bla bla bla…

Be patient. That is what it is all about. Patience and being kinder to myself.

See you all on Sunday.

addit 2000 hrs. am now feeling much more at peace. I have had healthy nachos (made with taco shells, corn, kidney beans and salsa) and am happily full. Being hungry sucks. Being satiated is good.

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  1. Dare I suggest, don’t weigh yourself regularly, pick a day, maybe once a fortnight and just do it then.

    Was a time when a “good” or a “bad” day would depend on the figure on the scales, when I was loosing my 17kg I would rarely weigh myself and I was a heap more saner

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