The Sports Doc Report


Ok so I went to the Sports Doc at OPSMC today.

His verdict:

  • Mild (thank God) hip irritability – for plain hip x-ray. He did not say whether it was hip flexor, labrum or what. He says that it will probably remain stable.
  • ITB/ Lateral knee joint pain. He is more concerned about this. He had a good prod and poke (and it is still sore). He has prescribed me anti-inflammatories to take “judiciously” (he knows I am a doctor). If they don’t work, or I don’t tolerate them (i.e. I spew up blood or whatever) he can try a different drug or give me a cortisone injection into the ITB bursa. Yeah. I will be a true athlete.
  • All going well, he wants me to rest up after TW for a couple of weeks then see him to re-evaluate the plan. I told him that I wanted to do a good 10km.
  • He does not want me to do quads strengthening exercises as he thinks it will make things worse.
  • He did not bat an eyelid about me doing R4TK as well – he understood I was running for cardiac fitness.

I was worried about the sports doc stopping me from doing TW, but I need not have been worried. Holy heck, the guy makes a career out of keeping injured elite sportspeople in the game. He looked quite confident. He did not even bat an eyelid about the veg-aquarianism. He just said that I should keep a close eye on my iron.

I suppose he sees much more psycho people than me 🙂

The only thing is that NSAIDs such as voltaren cause the kidneys to retain fluid – I have this on very good authority from my Nephrologist friends. So I might keep the food tracking and leave the weighing for a while – I need as little headfuck as possible.

Friday night – fish and chip night. We went for Brunswick’s cheapest fish and chips (eat in) at the Brunswick Green. Lovely succulent fish in fine, crispy batter. Nice chips. Small serving size (compared with usual) which was actually just right- just a small handful of chips and 2 small batons of fish. I would recommend it. It hit the spot bewdifully. 🙂

I tried a run on Wednesday night but I kept on getting my rhythm interrupted by pesky streets. So I will go to my ground zero of mojo – the yarra and give it a bash tomorrow. I will let youse know.

Many thanks to Andrew for his donation and most of all for his lovely message.

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  1. Don’t you just love a good sports doc that understands wht it is you want (have) to do, and does there utmost to make sure you can. The folks at OPSMC are wonderful!

    You are most welcome re the donation and the message, both of which go to very deserving causes 🙂

  2. Who did you see at OPSMC? Dr K has left there and I am feeling all lost. Your Doc sounds good- I hate it when they tell you to stop exercising. Good luck for Run4Kids!

  3. I love my sports doc for not batting an eyelid about me being a vego and not suggesting I just “have a steak”, she draws blood every 2 months and keep me topped up.

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