Thank Youse.


For all the nice comments.  It is nice to be supportive, supported and (apparently) inspiring (thanks Kathryn). So I will get thee arse out for a run tonight. 🙂

I have gone vegetarian (cue horror music). I will give it a bash for the moment and see how I feel. Have done it since sunday and have been a bit bloated but have felt much clearer in the head; have only required one coffee per day to keep my head from floating off.

I will see how things go; I will include fish/seafood. Hubby is not too happy about it, he loves his meat and I am the household chef. But I have taken the bullet by eating as much meat as he wants for years. So he can suck it in 🙂

I had a lovely birthday on Monday. The boss who I complained about baked me cupcakes 😳 don’t I feel bitchy. So I have been helping her out a lot now, my guilt reflex is high.

We went to see Marieke Hardy, Matt Preston and Catherine Deveny. It was good, just like watching their conversation in their lounge room. I think I have a little girl-crush on Marieke Hardy, I saw her and she is soooo little and pretty with her red lippy and hair flower. I said to her “are you Marieke” and she said “yeah” and I blurted “I LOVE you!”. She took it all in her stride. I was a bit embarrassed after that. 😳

Sooooo…..what has everyone got planned for the long weekend?

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  1. I love it when we have a vege meal, we had a nice lentil concoction the other night. LOL at the I love you blurt, although she is pretty cute, I can see me doing it, but you ?

  2. I’m off to ballarat this long weekend, to go to the Antique Fair and hang out with all the oldies 🙂

    Hope you had a good run tonight!

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