Nurses and Intervals and Diets (oh, my!)



Jo, the continence nurse where I work, is doing trailwalker. I found this out when I went to get some info from her for a presentation I am doing. I joked “I should use one of those big nappies for a long run”. She said “I used to run, but now I am training for trailwalker.” I said “ohmigod, me too!”. Then we talked and talked. Her team is from the western suburbs. Their longest walk has been 15km, and they haven’t been on the track. They will be “glamming it” i.e. staying in Olinda overnight.

Megan, one of the nurses I used to work, has been trying to get fit. She lives in my area and I used to see her a lot walking around Princes Park. I encouraged her to run with me, and she said “No, no I can’t”. Well, today I saw her at the gym, on the tready, running. I tapped her on the shoulder and congratulated her. She beamed, and said “it’s taking a while, I used to smoke”. Good on her! I told her that she would be running around prinny in no time – I even offered to take her for a spin round there. All she needs is a bit of confidence that she can do it.


I did the intervals. I did about 23 minutes of them – 2 minutes at 5.5km/hr and 1 minute at 11.5km/hr. Very doable. The minute running was good. I concentrated on my form, and on staying light on the feet. I could still feel that my arches and shins didn’t like it very much, but every kilo off will help with this. I hope this will increase my fitness.


I am doing well. I have been staying within my points budget and not been drinking coke zero or eating crap.

Oh, my!

I will put a sanction on myself next week – no internet after work. I will see how much more I get done – getting into my project or training or getting into a good book or speaking with my hubby. Endless possibilities.

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  1. Intervals will definately make you fitter. Just remember that when they start getting easier change them up. I currently do 15 x 30 sec’s on 13kph with 30 sec standing recoveries in between. I then change to 10 x 1 min or the sets my PT gave me I hate 6x400m, 4x200m then 4x100m with standing recoveries in between of as little as you can handle. The 400m ones kill.

    I was a smoker – been 2 years 2 months now since I gave em up. It makes a huge difference to the running, so too does confidence – even if its someone elses confidence in you.

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