whisky tango foxtrot


This is the name of one of the trailwalker teams……heheheheheh

I have noted a few things today:

1. I am finding coke zero more difficult to drink. Firstly because real coke tastes sooooo good after a hot sweaty TW training. Secondly because I just keep thinking “satan’s urine”. Thankyou ever so, Em!

2. I am not craving junk food as much. In fact I resisted the strawberry cream sponge torte at work on Tues – much better than the cheesecake episode.

3. There is a gap in the waistband of my trousers that is a bit bigger. Around my butt, it fits just as ever. I think the butt region will probably be the most recalcitrant.

4. I am not pulling up too badly. My hip is settling down and the ITB has settled down. I am not as sore as I thought I would be. I got one of the physios at work to do some tests on the hip joint and she thinks it is a torn/damaged labrum rather than the hip flexor itself. She thinks it is encouraging that it has settled down. She thinks that both of them are from the increase in hills and should settle…..but I will see what the sports doc has to say.

Arvo off tomorrow – mebbe some time for interval training. Then on road trip on friday with the honcho to Shepparton. More singing is what is needed. I have bought the Glee soundtrack and this is fabulous to sing to. I don’t think he will enjoy it and I might be embarrassed singing in front of him.

I have shaken the bosses down for TW sponsorship. I am going to echo the rest of the girls when I say…. COUGH UP!!!!

(It is tax deductible as you all know).

I have just loaned my sister $450 for rent…….hope we see it back.

It is my birthday this coming Monday. Monday is a crap day to have a birthday. But Catherine Deveny is doing a show at the Malthouse Theatre with Marieke Hardy and Matt Preston and I have bought myself some tix as a birthday present for…myself.

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