Kevin on the idiot box.


This is what I am watching now, on GNW. He got a hero reception on this show, akin to if Brad Pitt or similar rocked up.

I have had some lambasting for eating S and V chips instead of a sandwich on the trailwalker. Poll – acceptable or not? I will not be eating them at each stop but was a sweaty day yesterday. Probably lost a lot of salt. And they never fail to make me feel better. πŸ™‚

My ITB pain is still there. Have made an appointment to see a sports doc. Sara’s advice – a hurty massage and ice. Any other suggestions?

I have had a bit of an annoying day at work – I have a consultant, only a couple of years ahead of me, who will spout on and on about how hard she has to work but finds it very difficult to delegate. I offered to see some referrals for her and she insisted on seeing them all over again and taking all of the time. And insisting on contradicting my view but ultimately coming to the same decision. So needless to say I will not be doing the same again. I would rather pissfart about.

Anyway, off to the ‘rat tomorrow. Meh. Then pilates. Yeh.

Addit 2235 – The dog farted. Naughty dog.

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  1. Cilla I wasn’t having a go at you for eating S&V chips, just was concerned that you didn’t have anything more substantial to eat. Maybe a Gastrolite drink would have been a better option than the chips for the salt recovery?

    I think sometimes we under estimate how much we should be eating on these long walks. I just would hate for you to feel the way I did when I did my first TW due to incorrect food intake and not enough good salt intake. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone.

    You did great yesterday BTW πŸ˜€

    • was ok… I took your point. Was being tongue in cheek. Might alternate the chippies with more substantial food.
      Thankyou for your encouragement – I really do appreciate it. I have been trying hard – in terms of eating, weight loss and exercise. I have a bit of a funny ankle neurosis and I am learning to get over it. Will have to get on top of the itb though. Have pulled up ok today, better than I thought, and regaling everybody at work with my training tales.
      πŸ™‚ cilla xx

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