My husband is a trailwalker widow.


This weekend, anyway.

So we went for 2 walks this weekend.

1. Night Walkie – Olinda to Mt Evelyn. The Fab four were all present

I wore my big mother hiking boots with the insoles, a bit more comfy, but no significant arch support. They were heavy, but I was lighter! This was a good walk, a. because it was less hot than before and b. because I did better up and down the hills than last time. And also, the phrase what you don’t see you can’t fear comes to mind, because I did better down the hill in the dark because I couldn’t see all the rocks and what have you. I flew down, compared with last time (mind you I was pretty slow, and I mashed my quads in the process). We went from 2000 hrs for about 3 hours or so.

Unfortunately I didn’t sleep too well on the fridee night, probably a mix of over-excitement and the red bull I skolled before the walk

On Satdee, I went out for brunch in Yarraville with a coupla girlfriends (you may remember littlesare and mel the gazelle). Yarraville is quite genteel nowadays.

Last night hubby and I went to Cafe Fidama in Yarraville, I would recommend it highly. Nothing too fancy, just old favourites cooked really well. I shared an entree and the dessert with hubby, plus had a main, and 2 glasses of wine. I actually felt really bloated after this; I think the stomach has shrunk a bit, because I could sink this amount with aplomb before. And even though 2 glasses is well within health guidelines, I think I have lost a little tolerance to it and may stick to one in future. (OMG as I am typing this I realised I am such a NERD!)

Sundee: Up at fart of sparrow (0530 on a Sunday – Jesus would be really pissed off), to meet Shells and Jay in Croydon. We went from Launching place to Wesburn via Tanty Hill, and then back to Launching Place via the Warby trail.

A few observations:

1. On the hilly bits, I would think “oh, this is MUCH easier than last time” and power on up. Then I hit the hard part and nearly died in the arse. Case in point, tanty hill, where I nearly came a cropper (i.e. had a spew) from exertion. Not for nothing is it called Tanty Hill.

2. I was still sore from Friday, esp in the quads, so the downhills were painful. But still, easier than the ones before. Currently, I have stretched, tiger-balmed and foam rolled my quads.

3. I had bought myself some asics trabucos for the walk, at a greatly discounted price of $100. They were great, especially for walking down hills but they lacked arch support

4. My ITB neurosis has become proper ITB syndrome. I even googled it to check that I had the right symptoms. I am icing my lateral knee as I type, have popped some anti-inflammatories and have given my ITB a good flog with the foam roller. I think this has come about from lack of arch support, as I didn’t have the problem until I became complacent about it! From now on I will strictly wear my orthotics (and tape up the blistery areas).

5. My gammy hip flexor is ok at the moment, thankyou very much ๐Ÿ™‚

I think I have become fitter judging by these walks, but shells is smashing it out of the ballpark. She walks up the tough hills as another might take a morning stroll.

The plan now:

1. Make appt with sports doctor about ITB and gammy hip. I hear OPSMC comes highly recommended ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Work on the quads.

3. Do some proper intervals (medium walk then fast run) to try and get my fitness up (thanks Jay and Shells)

4. Wear my orthotics strictly when exercising (I have boots with good arch support, think I might wear them a couple of days at work). Please feel free to make random checks if you see me out and about in my runners.

5. Attend to good nutrition especially during walks. ย Yes perhaps Salt and Vinegar chips during the walk are not the best, but the probably saved me from certain hyponatremia (I was sweating cobs today)! I have tried some PB&J on toast and this might make a yummy and slightly more nutritious fix.

6. Get enough sleep, which means not pissfarting about on facebook till late at night.

Oh, and one more thing, I weighed in after the walk – 75.2 kegs (with good hydration state). This was a loss of 600 grams for the week, very good in view of the diving headfirst into cheesecake episode of last Tuesday.

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