Better? Maybe, maybe not.


Firstly, thankyouse all for your input. It is all stuff I knew but forgot in the carb-craving, hungry, hormonal haze. I agree with Louise about sugar being more addictive than crack….certainly there is physiological truth in this, as the dopamine release / reward pathway is similar.

Today – cravings not tooooo bad. We had training and a meeting this arvo. Lots of temptations. I gave in to the sultana scone without butter, jam or cream (only 1.5 points). I also skipped the large quantities of cheese and the cakies. I fought the cakies, including the flourless orange cake and the lemon tarts (my favourites). I had the fruit, olives and carrot sticks and hommus.

I felt inexplicably tired this arvo. I had a few theories.

1. Not enough sleep (7.5hours, perhaps I need more??)

2. Not enough coffee??

3. too much coffee +/- diet drinks?? btw em I love the comment about diet coke being satan’s urine!!!

4. My body railing against the diet (could be – bodies can resist moving from set points).

5. A bit of dehydration? I had had about a litre of water that day, but I felt thirsty.

6. The onset of a serious illness – diabetes? other more catastrophic things? (crazy hypochondriasis)

So instead of slurping down more coffee or scoffing more food (both things I have regularly done), I went and stood outside in the sun during the break. It made me feel better for a little while. Probably a bit longer than the effects of coffee and food. Baby steps?

Tonight I made healthy nachos, made with baked corn tortillas. Yummmm! Managed to stick exactly to 24 points today.

Will try and get an early night. Need to look after myself with the big walkies this weekend.

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  1. I hate how they put out all that crap in meetings and training and stuff, since when is loading people up on sugar and fat going to keep everyone alert all afternoon!!

    I know I am a party pooper but for pity sake, put out some nice sanga’s and a fruit platter.

  2. all the food temptations at work are so mean for someone who’s trying to watch their kjs! nice work not giving in though! a small victory for willpower! oh, also, re: tiredness – what about not enough iron?

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