I am struggling a little….


I am drinking coke zero instead of devouring the packet of biscuits that I bought.

Why did I buy them? Because I was hungry when I went to the supermarket to buy dinner. Hungry and had an “I could kill my grandmother for donut” craving for carbs.

But I ate only one biscuit- a snack-right one – with a chocolate coating. Brilliant food for TW training and I will have some of them then.I might also take some to work.

I ate a small dinner, also. I will wait for brekky. Hopefully it will pass tomorrow.

I was finding it easy, and now I am finding it hard. I am having an urge to stuff my face. Rebellion? PMS? Just plain more hungry than usual?

Can anyone offer any advice?

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  1. 1. Drink water instead of the Coke Zero.
    2. Eat if you’re hungry, but eat clean (fresh, unprocessed).
    3. If you eat, exercise.

    That’s my advice.

    Keep in mind that this advice comes from someone who is slightly fuzzy from three glasses of red wine, and someone who scoffed three slices of bread lavishly spread with peanut butter 30 minutes before bed time last night. So, it may be slightly hypocritical, and slightly unreliable advice – but well meant 🙂

  2. stay off the sugar… it’s more addictive than crack.

    A small bowl of rolled oats or rice might help fill a hole. Don’t worry about the calories if it’s real food (no packet crap).

    good luck!

  3. Hell I have no advice, I am stuck in my own binge-guilt cycle! But if you have an epiphany then let me know. I have even forgotten how good that righteous-salad-eating feeling is.

  4. I am with Andrew, ditch the coke zero. When I have fizzy drinks with the fake sugar it makes me crave sweet stuff – if I stay away from those drinks I have my sugar cravings under control. Eat some fruit it may help. But you know once a month the cravings are gonna be hard to control no matter what you do – just try to limit the damage as best you can. Don’t forget you have some descent exercise coming up on the weekend to limit that damage, so don’t feel bad.

  5. Ditch the coke zero, it’s Satan’s urine, they’ve done studies that show that artificial sweeteners increase your appetite.

    If (lol, IF, ok WHEN) I am having the mid afternoon snack attack I have a cup of tea (with real sugar) before thinking about snacks. Usually it is only mind numbing boredom telling me I am hungry anyway so the act of making the tea and taking 5 minute off work to drink it and read the paper is usually enough to avert distaster.

    Also, I have NO and I mean NO self control, in the face of an open packet of biscuits or chocolate I snap like a dry twig (last week, bought a pack of scotch fingers, telling myself I’d only have two a day with my tea, HA, they lasted two days!) – so basically I know that if I buy it I’ll eat it so the trick is to just not bloody buy it. As pathological as it sounds I need to plan my binges, if I have one a month I am OK with that, any more and I have to ask the Haigh’s people to put my picture up behind the counter and refuse me service.

    On and don’t go to the supermarket hungry!

    Hey, we are all as messed up as each other bascially 😆

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