I fought the cheesecake and the cheesecake won.



So I was in Ballarat, where I am now going every week for work, and the computer shat itself. Aunty Flo had just rolled into town. I was craving sweeeeeeties. So I went for a walk in search of some. There was a cheesecake shop, first mistake was entering. I was hungry and the smell in there made me swooooon. I got myself a single portion of Turkish Delight and choc chip cheesecake. It was fucking awesome. Then I calculated the points….9 for a serve (FYI a step class burns 8 points) Eeeek! So I had a really small dinner and did some exercise (running and x-training). My food total was 26 points even with the cheesecake, so I was still in the black after the exercise. Balance. Repentance. Whatever. I need to make it work. Menstrual cravings or no menstrual cravings.

Valentine’s day – hubby took me to Madame Sousou in Fitzroy. Sunday is “day off” the diet day. I had a steak and it really, really hit the spot.

Going off for a 2 walkie weekend this weekend – a Friday Night trample and a Sunday sweat session. Need to get me a walking pole.

I just saw an ad for Classical Cardio – Go for Baroque on channel 2. Interesting. I prefer my pop tarty stuff.

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  1. i had a cheesecake craving too last week! but I couldn’t eat real cheesecake cos the kj’s for a slice (1500kj/100g) freaked me out, so I ate some no-fat cheesecake flavoured yoghurt (292kj/175g). not the SAME but did the trick in killing the craving!

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