Go me.


I have lost another 0.5kg on weight watchers. I am now 75.8 kg. Which is good. Fantastic, in fact. Especially since I am pre-Aunty-Flo and have gone over on the points a few days and have not done so much exercise. Hubby lost 0.8 kegs which is excellent.

I am feeling quite good – I haven’t starved and I am eating well. I am having my day off when I eat out. I am not sick of it (yet). I will try a bit harder this week and see whether the weight loss is commensurate with the effort. I think I just need to appreciate that some weeks will be more trying than others.

It is liberating to be honest about what I am doing. I was talking to one of my bosses about it. Usually I get “what are you doing that for?” but she was quite calm….she said “do you have a goal in mind” and I told her. I never used to tell anyone my weight but now it is out there in cyberspace.


My faith in humanity was restored after yesterday’s strawberry incident (see below). I went to get a couple of bottles of beer for hubby and brother in law, and after I bought one, I dropped it and it spilled. The nice young man at the counter went and fetched me another one and didn’t charge him for it. I said “You are a nice boy. I hope you get lots of Valentines”. He said “Awww, I don’t think I’ll get any”, to which I replied “Oh, I hope you do.”.

Buoyed by this, after my coffee at Tom Phat this morning, which FYI was really good, I told the barista that it was a lovely cup of coffee. She said “awww, thanks”, to which I replied “no, credit where credit’s due”. Good to make people happy.

I learned yesterday that the dog quite likes to dance. I was grooving to some music while tidying up, and the dog jumped up on me. I held her paws and we grooved together. When I let her go, she jumped up again. What a funny canine!

Off out to dinner with hubby tonight, it’s a surprise.

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day, people. Big hugs and kisses.

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss to both of you! It is nice to compliment people isn’t it, but it is disturbing the surprise you often see in them when you do, I guess this means there’s not too many people doing it.

  2. Congrats on the 0.5! And to hubby on the 0.8! I agree, re: the compliments. For me, I have to be balanced – if I complain about the bad stuff, then I need to acknowledge the good stuff too.

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