A strawberry-themed rant.


Ok so my best blogs are those when I am angry. And I am angry today, dammit.

Had a lovely morning. Sleep in till 8:30, off to a wonderful pilates class afterwards, went walking with Hubby and visiting his colleague who lives around the corner.

We went and had some coffee at Toby’s Estate and I bought some bean grounds, which were freshly roasted on-site yesterday. Cheerfully sold to me. Happy days.

Then, I went to the fruit and vegie shop. I was good and bought lots of vegies as well as some plums to stew, but I wanted some strawberries. I could find none. I asked the lady in front of me, who had multiple punnets of strawberries, where she found them.

She said “Sorry, I took them all”. I looked at her with raised eyebrows. She said, flustered “Sorry, I have a 21st tonight”. “Okayyyy” I said, looking down, smiling. Almost imperceptibly the lady at the till rolled her eyes. So did another customer.

8 Punnets. Eight freakin’ punnets!! Who buys 8 punnets of strawberries, I ask? How many pavlovas does she need to garnish? Besides, they will all piss off to the pub, knowing 21 year olds, leaving the strawberries going to waste.

I hope she suffers bloating, cramping and diarrhoea from the fructose overload.

As she walked out, I said “You enjoy the 21st”, ever so slightly patronisingly. (The lady herself was in her 40s I think).

She did not appreciate the irony in that and said “Thankyou. Sorry to do that to you”.

See, we need shopping democracy. We need to spread the strawberry love. I remember once I was in Witchery, looking for a pair of leggings. They only had 2 pairs left in my size and the lady in front of me was about to buy both. She very graciously gave me one of them to buy. That’s shopping democracy.

Anyway, I got that out of my system. đŸ™‚

I had to drive the boss to Shepparton yesterday. It was a good drive and he is a nice bloke….we chewed the fat about many topics. We had a good yarn. He hinted that he would give me a consultant job next year. (I think ….maybe).

Having the brother in law over to stay tonight……he lives on a rooftop flat in the city, and sometimes people go up onto the roof and they “freak him out”. I could not imagine him being freaked out about anybody – he is 6 foot 4. But he is a great bloke and Hubby likes to see him, so he is staying.

Gotta go now, need lunch.

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