That is the word for really, really early in the morning. As in 6 am or 6:30. Yes this is not that early but bear in mind I have just come off holidays.

It is really best for me to exercise first thing in the morning – I am just too tired to do it in the evening. So that is what I did this morning. 21 minutes – intervals. 2 minutes at 8 kph followed by 1 minute at 11kph. This was just right for me. Then I did some x-trainer stuff.

My right hip is a bit gammy so I have just iced it and it feels better.

I have been quite good with the eating today; I had 21.5 points. I made my yummy chicken recipe with mash pumpkin, zucchini and corn. I feel satisfied. It is all a bit of trial and error. I really need to cut down on the potatoes and white rice. Maybe once or twice a week.

I have a feeling I might not post a loss this week – I have been a bit bloated.

Hubby has been great – he has been putting in his WW points without being asked. He has also arranged something for Valentine’s Day. What a good husband!

Back to sparrowfart – will be up at 6am and driving up to Shepparton with my boss (me driving his car – he has had a bleed into his eye). We are off at 0645!! And I have to drive back.

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  1. hey, good effort getting up at sparrowfart’s. Intervals are great for burning fat 😀 I think you could even make the 8kph slower, cos that should be your rest phase. Try going at 80% of your ability on your max kph, and then 20% of your ability on your rest phase, enough to get your heart rate right down, and then spike it back up again! my 2 cents 😛

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