Vampire dancing.


Have just watched an AWESOME routine on SYTYCDA…….great song, great dancing, hot, hot, hot. Love that show. Love it on Wednesday night.

So I have been back at work this week. Early start Monday. Early start Tuesday. Have enjoyed new job, very friendly people there. But it is the western suburbs – good people there :). Also got to do a home visit in the street in Werribee where my old high school was. There is lots of travelling in this job – I have to drive to Shepparton with the boss on friday, we did Ballarat on Tuesday and will be flying out to Portland once a month.

The diet has been going OK….mainly trying to make the food filling while keeping the points down – I have been still getting around 25-26 points which is still a bit high. No junk food during this week – I have been faithful to that, and it is all a bit of a learning curve. I have been feeling a bit tired to do lots of exercise but hope to go out tomorrow…..need to get an early night tonight.

The dog has been a chilled out little mutt – I think the heat has been a sedative for her. She doesn’t race out to meet us in the morning, she has a stretch and groan first.

I hope to get a long run or walk in this weekend, would love some company….

This blog entry is all very…polite. I am much funnier when I am angry. I need an edge 🙂

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