Rewriting the rules.


Firstly, I lost half a kg this week – I am now 76.3kg. Of course, now I’ve told you all my weight, I have to kill you 😛

Then a run with Shells, we did just over 10.5km. We did this in just 3 minutes more than we did the 9.6km last week. Over a more hilly track. We rule. I felt really good – no warming up ache of the hammies. No pain. Just felt good. Felt right.

Over the last few days, I have been rethinking the diet. Of course, I am still on weight watchers. But I am going to make Sunday (or whatever day of the weekend I do my hard exercise / long run/ TW rehearsal etc, usually Sunday) a controlled splurge day. So I eat, within reason and reasonable quantities, what I like. This includes chocolate and wine. Yes, I know I said that I would stop these for a month, but I can’t do that, with all the other good work I am doing. In fact, I was planning the binge at the end of the month and then I said “NO”. I need something to look forward to. I am genuinely a food and wine lover. Also, if I deny myself, I go for less tasty substitutes (like rice crackers instead of chips, or WW ice cream instead of a small quantity of the good stuff.) These are wasted calories. This is something I can and should sustain. And I have decided to chart it on my WW chart as accurately as I can.

For example, we had fish and chips for lunch. But I had the fish grilled and only ate 3/4 of the chips. I had a soda, lime and bitters (instead of lemonade). Tonight, we had pizza, a really nice gourmet one, one of which had broccolini on it (if it has that, it has got to be good). Then only one glass of wine, and a baby cone of gelato. Ideally we would not have 2 meals out, but it happened that way.

Today, we went to Costco. It is ridiculous. They have big bits of everything. They have a jewellery section with a (I kid you not) $170,000 diamond ring. They have furniture. They have clothes. Plasma Screens. They have tents. They have hydration packs for $29.99, water bladder included. They have jeans; Mavi, Citizens of Humanity, Diesel and Calvin Klein! They have an optical section. They have a bakery, a fruit and veg section, a bulk meat, fish and shellfish section (you can buy lobster). They have a cheese section, including some Queso Manchego. They have books. They have a liquor section with Penfolds Grange Hermitage, Dom Perignon Champagne and a 2005 bottle of Bordeaux for 180.00 (2005 was a great year). It was all quite overwhelming and I was like a child in a candy store. We bought a pack of 60 rolls of dunny paper (the good stuff), lots of dog food (the good stuff too), toothpaste, leg razors, clothes washing detergent (5 litres) and a 6 pack of Italian sparkling mineral water. Like a little piece of the USA in Australia. God help us when you can buy firearms and ammo there.

Anyway, I am all organised for work tomorrow, I have all my forms together, my handbag packed with pens and a muesli bar, my breakfast and lunch prepared (we have to start orientation at 0700). So I had better toodle off to bed now.


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  1. Hi Sassy. My personal trainer says if you crave something you should have it. If that is a Tim Tam, take one out, sit down and enjoy it. Just don’y have several. If you deny what you would like you end up snacking on other stuff which, yes have lesser calories but at the end you still feel like having the thing you craved in the first place. So you either have that thing you craved – now you have consumed way more calories or you keep craving it for the next few days and drive yourself insane. Everything in moderation – except lollies (she hates lollies, but I don’t ha ha)

    Re Costco – I have been there a few times. The fruit is really good. We also bought one of those chocolate birthday cakes for a friend’s birthday a few months ago – It is sponge covered in chocolate mousse (really nice and not too sweet).

    Re: R4TK. I am not doing it this year – I am only getting back into running after losing the plot after the half at Melb Marathon. I look forward to hearing about your training and results. Kat (Kat can run – Ausrun forum).

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