My Doppelganger


A very drunk guy with a bung eye once told me that I looked like Carrie Fischer. I am a bit coy about showing my face on my blog but those who know me, know what I look like. Here is Leia for comparison. We both pout very well. I don’t know that I have quite the same flair with an automatic firearm though.


Earthy. Sexy. Dangerous. Our mothers couldn’t tell us apart.

Ok. Frivolity over.

I have just been checking through my WW food diary.

Average points 25 ish (I am allowed 24). This is despite exercise; I have saved 24 points for the week thus far.

We shall see how it goes on Sunday.

I think that my problem is that I don’t eat a filling enough lunch and I am quite hungry in the afternoons. Will try to address that.

My exercise this week:

Sunday: 6 hour hike with TW girls – Grants to Mt Evelyn (consumed 39 points on this day, but burnt more).

Monday: Rest, gentle walk

Tuesday: Pilates, 20 minutes X-trainer, walk

Wednesday: 9.6km run

Thursday: Step Class

Friday: 3 laps of highpoint (ha)

Saturday planned: speed/hill workout on tready

Sunday: long run.

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  1. I get Sigourney Weaver occasionally. What is your PB for Highpoint? Chaddy is normally my home track, but sadly it is becoming Fountain Gate now.

  2. Yep, I can definitely see the resemblance.

    Re, yesterdays post, keep nagging, take it from me if he does something about it he will thank you in the end.

  3. ooh, nice doppelganger! I can see a bit of a resemblance there! (will just have to check that I am not drunk and my eye is not bung!)

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