Reality Check a deux


A few days ago I asked hubby if he would do weight watchers to support me. He said “yes, ok” – trying to be supportive but meaning that he would participate in it by eating the healthy food I cooked (which he does already) and not much else. He had made no moves to join up.

Yesterday I pressed him on it. NOT nagging (ok, it was nagging). I asked him how much he weighed, and he proudly said he didn’t know, and that he didn’t want to weigh himself and why did he have to weigh himself anyway. To which I replied “it’s called weight watchers, not guess watchers.”.

So he got on the scales. Then he calculated his BMI. He gasped and then said “that can’t be right” and then recalculated. Same again. BMI of 30 (my BMI is 28 and I am fussing about it). I measured him around the waist. 105cm. (mine 84 cm) His eyes widened in realisation. He all of a sudden looked serious.

Then with a bit more gentle prodding (actually, nagging), he joined up, and we charted his food for the day. He complains of getting really hungry late in the evening, necessitating a humungous bowl of cornflakes. I saw what the problem was; that he doesn’t eat very much during the morning, and cracks at lunchtime with a marsbar. He does eat breakfast but cornflakes doesn’t have a lot of staying power.

So hopefully this is the beginning of something beautiful. With not too much nagging.

I did a step class this morning; recovery (ha). My muscles were hamburger mince at the end.

The dog has taken to lying on the couch and taking up all of it. Also, when we are both home, she is only content if she is sitting on the couch, in between us. She has also taken to barking when she wants dinner. Funny little thing. Love her lots.

FYI Married men live longer than single men. It is because their lovely wives do EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOING.

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  1. beware – men do weight loss a lot better than women. I think it’s because they just get on with it and do what they have to do to get it done. Women put too much emotion into the whole thing. Best of luck!

  2. Guess watchers sounds good to me. Women must have a good influence. My son lived in a share house with guys and put on a stack of weight and now he’s in a mixed gender house and he’s lost 12 kgs.

  3. That is hilarious! I am always getting stuck into Dean about “not fuelling his machine properly”- seriously, if you play sport for a living wouldn’t you look after yourself!
    I cannot believe that you do step class for recovery! You are a machine!

  4. That’s great that your husband is supporting you, and now he’s emotionally invested.

    My bf is in his third week at weight watchers. He’s lost two and then gained it back (we’re thinking water weight). I’m not doing ww, but we practically do all the same stuff the only thing I miss is the meetings and I don’t mind that at all.

    Great going with the step class!

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