The miles are in the legs….


Well with my matey Shells we did 3 laps of Prinny, that is 9.6km. It was hot, it was slow, it was painful (albeit not as painful as I thought it would be) but we did it…. Run for the Kids, here I come.

Lots of sensations during the run, aches (good), funny feeling in head (? blood diverted to legs). Lots of feelings “My God this is painful”, “I don’t think I can do this”, “Oh but I am”, “No, you aren’t”, “Yes I am”…..”one foot in front of the other, one breath at a time, focus inside etc etc treehugging stuff” but we did it.

It was probably more a lack of confidence thing than a lack of fitness thing (though fitness has been lost) so it was great to get back out there. Was good to have somebody with me. It scared some of the anti-mojo away. These sensations were probably things I was used to before and need to get used to again.

Today’s run burnt off 10 points.

Shells and I went for breakfast, then I regaled her with my pics of spain.

Am now spending the rest of the day avoiding the heat. Watching my favourite nerds on DVD (big bang theory)…..I think I like it because underneath it all I am a little like them!

Shells and I were discussing the Biggest Loser. It is like McDonalds, you know it is bad for you but you do it anyway. We were discussing the temptation. Large binge, then self-castigation (and castigation by Michelle Bridges). In real life, this is usually followed by another binge. NOT HEALTHY. It shows disregard for the psychological basis of weight gain/loss. Train wreck viewing.

Am loving SYTYCD though.

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