Tuesday’s random musings.


Day 2 no alcohol or chocolate.

A recovery workout today – 20 minutes, hardish on the legs, easy on the heart.

Then the GP – just some scripts, all ok.

Then bought some stuff from snowgum, they had a sale. A headlamp, some shoe inserts for my hiking boots, a mini-thermos and a microfibre towel.

Then sitting around with the dog, then a great pilates class.

I have been very good with the eating and exercise – have exercised nearly every day since I got back.

Off for a run with Shells tomorrow – more to get my confidence up and get the miles in the legs, hope to do 3 laps of prinny.

Lots of good movies to see – saw the movie Precious on Sat, want to see “It’s Complicated”, “Nine” and some other arthouse flicks. I do not want to see “Valentine’s Day” – too many pretty people. Too confusing.

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