I am glad to be here. Glad to see my hubby and doggy.

Luckily I have some more time off before I have to get back into work to get over jetlag, get my shit together etc. Can you believe I have actually unpacked all my stuff (well, not the toiletries) within 24 hours of landing?

Firstly, London. I spent the weekend with an old friend, Dazza. I met his girlfriend, Siobhan. Well actually I found out that they were married. They had been married 7 months. They had been together 8 months……They said they knew it was right. Siobhan is a delightful American girl, I really liked her, such a sweetie who brings out the best in Dazza. The thing is though, Darren has been married before, to a girl who was a bit odd, and they were only together 3 months. After that, he was with a girl or two, and said “I will never get married again” etc etc. But now…

Was a bit frightened in London, with some stuff on the news about there being “high likelihood of a terror attack in Britain”…that freaked me out. But I got over it when I remembered what an exciting city London is. Dazz lives right near 7 dials (you can see the intersection from his window) so it is a fantastic location. I caught up with an old friend who lives in the UK, Becky, who I have not seen for 8 years but have managed to keep in contact with her. Went and wandered around London, drooled over shoes and high-end fashion, though I wondered why UGG boots are in the high end shoe section at Selfridges (I kid you not). We had a Lasagna and pictionary night (with mucho wine) on the satdee night.

Dazz and S nearly drank me under the table….had to say no a few times!!

I don’t know whether it is the airplane fluid or not, but I have gained 1-1.5kg over my trip. Everyone in Europe is so thin, dammit! And with all the yummy food. They clearly are doing the right thing re portions etc etc while I am not.

So for the first time in my life, I am going to join a proper program. I have joined Weight Watchers online. For the fiftieth or so time, I need to get real. I have thought I knew everything and have tried easier ways, but there is no easier way.

Tomorrow: Run and haircut. In that order.

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