RIP Nanna 1919 -2010.


Got the news last night that Nanna, Mum´s mum, had passed away, after suffering from Alzheimers Disease and Bronchiectasis.

I had been expecting this for a while, but it is still upsetting.

I will not make it home in time for the funeral, but I will be there in spirit.

I have written a little something for her, for the funeral. Here goes…

Here is a little something for Nanna, feel free to add to it if you like

Dear Nanna, up in heaven,

You were always good to us.

I remember your hugs, tight, almost frantic.
I remember your cooking. Beautiful roasts. I hope this talent runs in the family!
The icecream and jelly. The biscuits. The hedgehog.
I remember the walks with McTavish, the Grumpy Dog. You carried a stick for when he misbehaved.
I remember your little corolla. It smelled of you – baby powder and something else.
I remember your bowling whites. And bowling trophies.
I remember how proud you were of all your grandkids.

I remember how your memory started to fade.
You never lost your feistiness and sense of humour though.
You got into the shandies, the cupcakes. You pulled faces at the camera.
Watching you was bittersweet. Sad that you were declining, happy that you seemed to be happy in it.

You are now with Poppy, Patty and McTavish, at peace. We will miss you.

It will be a day of quiet reflection today. We are in a little university town called Salamanca.

I think I will send mum some flowers….

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  1. Sorry about your Nan- your Mum would love some flowers I imagine. If it is too hard to arrange from o/s then let me know and I will sort something out for you.

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