Art Fatigue.


Now in Madrid.

We are staying at Room Mate Mario which is in the centre of everything and soooooo trendy it hurts.

We arrived in Madrid on Wednesday and then caught up with an my school friend Richard who lives in the Netherlands … he is now a businessman who flies all over europe and his plane was delayed in madrid. We went to see him in his airport hotel, which meant we had to negotiate the Metro. We are becoming quite expert at the European Metro. It kicks arse over Melbs metro.

Anyhoo, I got really, really drunk. Might have had something to do with the 1/2 litre of beefeater that was poured into my GIN and tonic. Then the red wine etc etc.

Got up late yesterday and had a wander, ate some churros, bought some campers (that now brings my shoe total to 4…will need to post some stuff back or buy a bigger suitcase.)

Re: the churros, I know I sound blasphemous being in madrid and all, but chocolateria san churro still has what I consider the best churros – has something to do with the fact that they use real chocolate.

Went to Reina Sofia gallery yesterday, very edgy modern art and an architecturally cutting edge building. This morning, went for a wander again, took hubby to see the Museo del Jamon- yes, a big fat ham shop, which he was well impressed with. Then off to the museo del prado, some nice paintings by well known artistes, but got a bit boring – seriously, how many paintings of baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary can one see? There was some great work by Goya – very dark.

Now – off to see an old school friend who lives in madrid – like a high school reunion!!

Have not yet run. Have walked a lot. but not run.

I don´t know if it is the denim leggings I have bought and am wearing, and the fact that all Spaniards and Frenchies are tiny, but I feel like a bit of a heffer. I will be following all of your leads when I get back.

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