Siesta time.


Well we are now in Granada, in the south of Spain. More unseasonably cold weather but here it is about 11 degrees – have been reading of 40 degree heat and hot nights.

This morning we were up at fart of sparrow [felt like it – it was 0830 and still dark] to go to the Allhambra, a fort from when the south of spain was under Muslim influence. It, and the Palace and Gardens were amazing – kind of like an Arabian better holmes and gardens on crack. Very hilly and stair-y, I am not feeling like am missing out on my training, as am doing these walks in less comfy shoes than what I will be wearing on the day.

I have found a hill to do some hell hill repeats up- hopefully either this arvo or tomorrow. Off to Madrid tomorrow.

Now time for siesta

PS am drinking mucho sangria – it is alcoholic but goes down like lolly water. whoopsy.

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