Running y tapas


Well I finally went for a run – I ran up to Plaza Catalunya and then around, thinking I would do a square and then got completely lost, found a really good tapas bar though, and got to practice the Spanish that I learned in classes. So actually it was 60% running, 30% walking around lost or crossing roads and 10% asking for directions.

Then we went to La Sagrada familia, the Gaudi Church, was amazing. Got some exercise for the quads going down the stairs. We then went to Museu Picasso which was fun but his artwork got weirder as he got older. He was a bit of a ladies´man, old Pablo, his 5 or so divorces coincided with his mistresses giving birth to his babies!!

Today, up to Parc Guell, a beautiful park up hills so steep – as steep as any in trailwalker. More Gaudi craftmanship. Then off to the museu xocolata (chocolate)…barcelona was actually the entry port of Chocloate to europe.

We have had 2 nights of Tapas/Sangria/Rioja in a row….hope all the exercise is counterbalancing it.

Have bought a 3rd pair of boots… husband is not threatening divorce just yet.

Off to Granada tomorrow….will see the Allhambra (google it and learn, folks)

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