One More Sleep…..


I don’t know how we will go moving from the boiling hot and sunny to the freezing cold and dark but I am sure we will cope!!

Tomorrow night (actually early friday morning, or madrugada, as the Spaniards call it) we will be flying off to Gay Pareeee.

So today is packing, cleaning, re-packing, checking, putting out rubbish and making the house habitable (why? dunno!)

A busy day at work today, and very difficult to focus. I had to though, because there were a few sickies today. I also very nearly got called in to do the night shift- I am sick leave on call today, and the girl doing it was feeling shit (hard not to feel like shit after 6 nights in a row but anyways) but she said she would suck it in and carry on, and thanked me for offering to do the shift. I had woken up psychologically prepared to be called in for the shift.

A bit of a crap eating day today……but you will note no new years resolutions. I have put my scales away in a place where they won’t fuck with my head!

I wish a very happy and safe new year to all my readers and fellow runners. I wish a year of enthusiasm, hope and personal bests for you all.

Will keep youse posted …..

ADDIT 2245: A brainwave. will take runners. will run in each capital city I visit. Paris. Madrid. London. at least. Plus maybe a few more.

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