A productive weekend….


Saturday: Had to go into work for the morning. Then a bit of a snooze, some pissfarting about, and then we went to see Sherlock Holmes. A brilliant movie, Guy Ritchie seems to have gotten his directing Mojo back after he gave Madge the flick.

Sunday: went to bodystep class. Challenged myself with going to the second step level for the first half of the class, which I managed to do without vomiting or crying. Then went to do some shopping in the city. Bought a necklace from Mimco that I had been lusting after for a while (thanks for the gift voucher hubby).


Then I went to buy some hiking boots from Paddy Pallin; they were down from 300 bucks to 200 bucks. I also took advantage of free Paddy Pallin club membership, given to TW competitors. They are similar to these.

Then my friend Amy came over and we had a good catch up over dinner. I gave her some of my home made rocky road which she appreciated.

Today: Was feeling a bit achy (and ITB a bit tight) so I did some stretching, quads exercises and a light walk with the dog. Had to go into work again this morning, to see a sick fellow in a nursing home ( I looked at him and then sent him into hospital). Hubby and I have had a good day with tidying, doing the gardening, uploading my photos onto Flickr (just in case my camera and/or laptop get stolen or destroyed.). I have made my spare room habitable, chucked out some stuff, done some washing (a good precursor to packing).

Work tomorrow. I drop the dog off at my sister’s tomorrow night, I suspect my sister will let the dog sleep in her bed.

Will prolly pack wednesday night. I get thursday arvo off.

Tonight, I am cooking up a storm, Jamie Oliver style, with all of the vegies that I have in my fridge.

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  1. Wow you are super busy! Impending departures do that- I always wish I had tidied up a bit more when I come home to a mess, though the backpack explosion makes it look like a disaster anyway.
    I hope you are making dinner look rustic and saying pukka a lot when you cook!

  2. Nice necklace! And the hiking boots look like they would stabilise your ankle quite well! And well done on the body step class!!

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