Merry Christmas!!!


am in a Rocky road induced stupor.

Hubby was on call last night, he did not get home till 2am but he did manage to get home between 10pm and 8pm – I utilised his presence to help me get the house tidy.

This morning we had a bit of a sleep in then opened some presents. Got some nice things but the piece de resistance was an atlas from my mother in law. I love atlases, I loved poring over the jacaranda junior world atlas as a child. The one I got is a large tome with all sorts of other demographic, economic and other information in it.

The family trickled in over the day….was good to see mum.

My brother was doing his best to be obnoxious though, especially after his girlfriend showed up.  He made inflammatory remarks while I was serving up, waited till I sat down and then asked for more vegies. He then asked for the receipts for the t-shirts I got him for christmas (nice ones from T-bar)….

Good thing there was lots of wine on hand…

The Jamie Oliver roast turned out really well…the chicken and roast vegies turned out nicely. The pudding was really good but we did not have room for the rocky road I made….I had some just before and it made me fit to explode.

Had a bit of a nap this arvo…am now watching the cult classic “the Breakfast Club”.

Tomorrow – have to go to work in the morning. Will go to the gym in the arvo; have just been inspired by Shells’ 6 minute kms! Will give the sales a wide berth tomorrow, might go a bit later… some good movies about to come out, might catch those.

Of course, there is the packing to do…

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  1. Alcohol- truly makes Christmas easier! I don’t know what I would have done without it.
    Sounds like you had a super day- and now you can relax and start packing!

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