The countdown’s on.


To Christmas: 3 more sleeps.

To Holidays: 9 more sleeps.

I have just not got into the christmas spirit this year, perhaps I have been losing it a bit over the last few years. I am not all “bah humbug” but the excitement has been lost on me a bit.

Though when I was in chaddy, among the throng of shoppers, I heard the salvation army brass band playing “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”. Like a plea among the shoppers not to forget. It was quite mornful, actually. I went up to them, gave them a big smile as if to thank them, and popped some coins in the bucket. Nice to have that reminder. On similar lines, I heard the song “War is Over” in the supermarket – felt a bit gooey inside.

Dragged the hubby out to Kathmandu (the store, not the Nepali capital) last night to get some warm things for travel. He hates buying clothes and will only allow about one item. I made him get three hahahahah. He bought a nice blue cardie made of recycled/reclaimed materials, reduced from $300 to $90. Kathmandu have some good sales. I snaffled myself a half-price leather jacket today; should be stylish in Europe.

Today I got to leave work early (yay) to go to the dentist (boo), I have been having a bit of pain around my root canal hardware so I thought I better get it checked out. The pain turned out to be probably due to teeth grinding, it has been better since I have been compliant with my nocturnal bite-guard. Teeth grinding is a bit of a quirk of mine. Better get used to the bite-guard.

Food-wise – ok, could be better but could definitely be worse. For the most part, have been resisting all the choccies on the wards and have not had my usual seasonal mince tart frenzy.

Here is the day’s takings:

breakfast: muffin 1700kj plus coffee 300kj

morning tea: green tea 0kj (was full after muffin)

lunch: sushi 1600kj

after: lindt ball 310kj

pre exercise: banana 400kj

dinner: chicken dinner 1900kj drink 300kj

after (craving choc) strawberry freddo 400kj cherries 50kj


exercise: step class, burnt ? 1500-2000kj.

The groin has been ok, no pain at all while walking/standing, only minor pain at the end of the step class.

Am really hanging out for our holiday. Although most of Europe is in a bit of chaos with freezing weather, snow, sleet etc. Hope it dies down!!!

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