40 most shocking celebrity divorces.


This is what I am watching on GO at the moment, free tv’s inferior answer to Fox 8. Although they do have ‘the Big Bang Theory’ on it. Funny show.


Spent the arvo working on getting an article that I wrote (the one I won the prize for) submitted to the MJA for publication. And I did it!

We shall see how that goes…

I was tempted to go home and treat myself to a celebratory dinner. My hubby is out playing texas hold ’em poker (so we may not own our house tomorrow). But I did not. Because food consumed alone does have calories, contrary to the myth.

Was just sitting through the TAC ad…pretty shocking. Hopefully effective. None of us are bulletproof.


No exercise tonight, I got home late, and am relishing the time at home alone with my books, my dog, my puter and my widescreen telly. Happy days.

So I am going to do a warts and all food diary like Shells:

Brekky: Muesli, Yoghurt, blueberries, banana, coffee, 1300kj

Morning tea: Green Tea, apricot almond slice 500kj (intern baked yeey)

Lunch: Sushi, seaweed salad 1800kj

jelly beans consumed whilst sitting at puter at work doing my article: approx 550kj. Plus coffee 150kj

organic corn chips eaten when got home approx 250kj (then I threw the last of them in the bin)

dinner: gluten free pie, peas, corn (with butter), sauce 2000kj

6550kj. Not bad. Without jelly beans would be better. Although it could be chocs. I have thus far stayed away from the choccies at work.

Better get back to dodgy divorces.

P.S. go to rugers blog to say hello, think she would appreciate it.

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  1. Not a bad days eating! Don’t sweat the Jelly Beans, there are a lot worse things … it could be argued they are good for you, chemists sell them after all!

  2. argh, welcome to my kj counting hell! it’s actually pretty good, it keeps me honest about what i’m eating. and ps. please do not sweat a few jelly beans, any day below 7000kj is excellent in a big big way!

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