could eat a (chocolate cake) horse.


A horse sized gooey creamy chocolate cake like the ones you get at the cheesecake shop or at a greek baker.

Auntie Flo is about to visit. As a harbinger of her coming to town I have a big zit on my right temple. Will be covered by hair, thank cripes.

I have been good though – had a couple of ryvitas with honey and they helped stave off the sweet tooth.

This and the fact that we don’t have a cheesecake shop or greek bakery open near me now.

I haven’t even had a mince pie yet this silly season (but, you say, it is only the 7th of december!)

I have not had time to go for a walk (pick up hubby, supermarket, home, cook, eat then digest up until 2100 but I have done lots of jogging on the spot and plenty of stretching. Plus walked about a lot at work today. Will get up early for a run tomorrow.

Am so freaking over work now.

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