Recovery (?)


Well I was quite sore after GAR. Quads, buttocks, hammies, calves. Also I had chafing in bits that I cannot describe in polite company.

I tried to go for a run last night, 48 hours after the race. I was too sore so I turned it into a walk, and walked for a longer distance. Was a nice walk, going behind melbourne general cemetery and up through Lygon st back home, about 5 or 6 km in all.

Very, very busy at work, having to see lots of patients in a bit of a pre-christmas rush, getting about 7 referrals a day in addition to the other work I have to do. And I get a bit irritable with the whiny intern arguing with what I ask him to do.

Saw a suspected case of financial abuse of an elder (basically family trying to shift older person into resi care then selling their house from underneath them). This brings out the Jack Russell terrier in me, I start barking and yapping. It rattles me a bit. But I stand up for the vulnerable one; one thing that rocks me to my core is seeing vulnerable people picked upon and I am compelled to get agitated at the person doing it.

The “rattling” interestingly also sends me into craving for ferrero rochers and other nutella related substances. Recognised but not acted upon. Good to recognise these antecedents.

Had lots of baked goods at work – partook of a cookie cooked by one of the interns (not the whiny one). I declined the baklava with ricotta filling though……The calories DO NOT leak out if they are cut in half. So I walked away.

Temptation is a constant battle in my work, people bring in all sorts of yummy food to thank the staff or to get through a long shift or to cushion the stress. I have actually done a food diary recently and one of my biggest offenders is chocolate taken from the wards at work – there are always boxes of roses/ favourites/ lindt balls hanging around at work.

So I now have a ban on eating chocolate off the wards at work. Note, not a blanket chocolate ban, cos bans don’t work with me. It has worked a treat for the last week. I just say that I can have chocolate some other time.

I have also started bringing lunch into work and trying to eat more stuff  (fruit, muesli bars) earlier in the day so I don’t get too hungry in the afternoons (another pattern I saw emerging).

I have hung my slightly tight (ok very tight) Sass and Bide Jeans and my (very tight) dress where I can see them.

I am inspired by Shells’ motivation.

I have limited myself to two drinks at a restaurant, have been able to stick to this apart from anniversary dinner at Walters Wine bar when I partook of 3.

I am trying to be less hard on myself in general, and more positive.

However, you know how there are people you are MEANT to like (workmates etc) who you just do not like, no matter how hard you try? I am working with one of those people, a colleague. Every time I say something, she puts it down or contradicts it. I don’t know whether other people feel this way, but I have given up trying to talk to this girl and keep my dealings with her short and cursory.

I am a bit over work at the moment. I want more time for myself. Time to run. Time to sleep. Time to dance and sing.

I have programmed my new iphone with songs and I proudly showed this to folks today.

Better go to bed now.

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  1. I was wondering how you were holding up after GAR, you were so sore! I’m just taking it easy getting back into things, jogging instead of running and walking up the hills. most of my doms was in the quads and hammies, but that’s eased up after my swim.

    You’re inspired by my motivation? heehee, i’m motivated by my tightening waistband and my lovehandles!

    You read my mind when you were talking about temptation – there are whole aisles of food at the supermarket that I can’t have! You have willpower of steel not giving in to baklava!

  2. Hope you’re all recovered now 😀

    I am so over this working for a living!! I’m also over Christmas already!!

    Looking forward to our walk on Sunday. Should be fun!

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