Great Australian Run 15km.


Race report.

  • Hubby drove me to the venue, the dog came in the car with us. She started sooking when we got to Albert Park lake, seeing all the other dogs out on walkies. I had some oat clusters as brekky on the way there, they seem to agree with me.
  • It was drizzling a bit when I got there. I checked in my bag with the help of a very cheerful volunteer.
  • Met up with Shells and Jay. Shells ran her own race, but Jay (thankfully) stuck with me.
  • Shells broke off early on.
  • Fairly uneventful first 4 km, trying to lose the run-walkers. There was a particularly annoying skinny blonde girl who we thankfully lost early.
  • Some random walkers chose to yell out “pick up your pace, you’re so lazy” to us. To which I very maturely replied “Faaark off’
  • At 5km it began to bucket it down. The rainfall and the strains of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were very helpful.
  • 5-10km was ok, I felt every degree of the slow incline around the back of the Tan. Wombat was waiting near the top of the incline and I gave him a sweaty hug – thanks Wombat.
  • The run down Anderson Street hill was nice, a good chance to let go.
  • From 10km onwards it really started to hurt….my butt, my lateral hammies and my feet. My form started to really go to hell and every kilometre seemed longer than the last.
  • At about 13.5km, I jumped up onto a kerb and nearly hit the wall. Some major whimpering was taking place. A marshall asked me if I was alright. Jay got me back on track and I ran the rest.
  • Finished in a smidge under 2 hours. Which is slooooow.

I am not proud of:

  • my time.
  • The fact that I did not train appropriately for this event; the longest run I did before was 8km. I used the fact that I had already previously run this distance as an excuse.
  • I felt I held Jay back.

I am proud of:

  • The fact that I did not take a walk break outside of my little hissy fit (and Β then it was only about 10 metres) and the drinks stops.
  • The fact that I fronted up and did it.
  • The fact that, though I whimpered a lot, I did not complain.

What I have learned

  • I can’t fake it…this distance needs proper training.
  • I am not as fit as I want to be, and as fit as I once was.
  • I now have a new resolve to get fitter and healthier. To not be the slow one, the weak link or somesuch.
  • The power of positive thinking through the hard bits of a race – I thought about hard times in my life and how I had overcome them, and that this was nothing in comparison. I have been getting down on myself again recently and I need to think more positively about things. Think more positively about myself.

And now for more deep and meaningful insights… arse hurts!!!

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  1. I was amazed at how easy the bag drop off and pick up was, unprecedented!

    The most valuable lesson you learned today was that team mates stick together, when you do TW you are all going to feel good and bad at different times, Jay knows that and would never have felt that you held her back πŸ™‚

  2. Well done ! It sounds like it has been a bit of a wake up call, and that is good. I don’t think I’d be very pretty over 15km at the moment, hence my abscence today, so you’re ahead of me in that at least you were out there!

    What was annoying about the skinny blonde, or was it just that she was a skinny blonde?

  3. Cilla, like Em said, I really didn’t feel like you held me back, and I would never have left you.

    I was happy to just run the distance no matter what pace. I just hope I didn’t push you too hard. I had a fun day out there πŸ˜€

  4. Oh yeah, Andrew the Skinny blonde that Cilla referred to only ran when there was a photographer in sight, a tv camera in sight, or a big crowd i.e around Flinders Street Station πŸ˜€

  5. you know, even though today was tough, i think it was the kick up the butt we needed to get our arses into gear! we can only get fitter from here… i’m ready to get stuck into some training for Trailwalker!

    hope your butt feels better soon!

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