Melbn Kyup


I was just reading a wordpress blog, There are a few bogans, or cubs (cashed up bogans) there at Melbourne Cup. Spending 2 months wages. Tres chic. Had a giggle.

Am enjoying the day off, have been working on my paper to submit to a journal. Have cooked a moussaka for dinner and am thinking about baking some cookies. Have not made cookies in a while. Actually since I was about 13 in home eco classes.

Spent last weekend in Sydney (hence the subtitle of this blog is Sydney weekend 2 of 2). Was support crew for hubby at the second of his exams. We stayed in Coogee, the Syd homebase for the BTB (Beautiful tanned bogan). It was Halloween, so all the boganettes took the opportunity to dress up in their tightest, shortest dresses and highest heels, and then don a sailor hat (sailor tart), devils horns (devil tart) or bunny ears (bunny tart). We went to the Beach Palace hotel for dinner, because hubby didn’t want anything too upmarket for dinner. It would appear we overshot, because there was a fight/near glassing at 9:30pm! We then picked up and left to more salubrious premises.

I did something that I should not have done, that is Sunbake. I have horrible burns to my front calves. Yeow. I am stoopid. On the upside, my upper thighs saw the light of day for the first time since circa 1987.

The supersheilas (that is all one word lower case) have registered for Trailwalker. We need moolah and we need it now. It is for a good cause blahblahblah you all know that…… And we are planning on going on all night. I am still shuddering at the thought.

Am going to do a step class this evening. Unfortunately the intervals didn’t make prime time last week……but I have my hubby back to look after me so now excuses.

I am reading a book called weight loss for food lovers, by a psychiatrist called George Blair-West. It is quite good. Quite interesting. At the end of the day, it is much more about Calories in vs Calories out, but I am learning that the food bit is much more important than the exercise bit.

Am going for a haircut next week, what I would like is a shortish but flattering hairstyle that looks fabulous with minimum effort. Yeah, right.

I think that our neighbours don’t think we are looking after our dog properly, they think she is bored and think we are evil because we leave her while we go to work. This has stirred up a bit of guilt in me but seriously, I have grown up with hounds, so has hubby, and all of them were left at home during the day. As long as they don’t trash everything, they are probably ok. The dog certainly seems happy.

Shells, Rugers, where art thou?

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  1. I can’t raise much interest in the Cup I’m afraid, but am also happy to have the day off work!

    I will donate to TW, but in a little while if that’s okay, been hit up for a few Movember donations already this month!

  2. I also worried about leaving Bella home all day- but I think she likes it when I am not home so she can get on with the important task of napping without being interrupted by having to follow me around only to fall asleep at my feet. She sleeps all day and I am sure most dogs do. I give Bel a chewy treat every time I leave and I think she is happy to see the back of me!

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