Back in the saddle.


yesterday, work :(, got called a few times in the morning. Then went to Northland, it is turning into a mini-chaddy or doncaster, except with more bogans and no mimco. But there are some good new shops there. I had one of those cheap chinese massages which got me very relaxed (i.e. the sensation of just before sleeping), except for when she pushed on tight bits. Then I yelped.

Then I spent the evening in St Kilda for my bro’s 25th birthday. It was good to see him, but the food was average and a bit overpriced. My brother kept getting given shots from his birthday guests, which smelled like a mix between mouthwash and ouzo (his girlfriend and their friends are greek).

Candy was a naughty girl yesterday. Hubby left her inside and she upturned the bin, and then jumped up on the counter, took down a carton of eggs to her bed, then cracked the eggs open and slurped the yolks out. That requires pretty good planning for a canine. We really must remember to make sure she is out when we go out.

This morning, Jay and I ran the 8.4km event for SiS2. My left butt/hammy/ITB was giving me a bit of tightness (I think I have an ITB neurosis, everyone else has ITB problems so I think I do too). But Jay talked/sang/encouraged me through it and we finished in a decent time, a little faster per km than last years SiS 2, then I was lighter and had been running more.

The plan this week is to do some interval training. Mebbe on the dreadmill.

Am starting a new rotation tomorrow and am looking forward to it.

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  1. Bad dog! Hope there wasn’t too much mess. I think I only got ITB because everyone else did- though I didn’t realise it was ITB until I was in pain. Mine is only bad when I neglect it. Sara

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