Cheesecake on the brain.


Not literally. That would not be compatible with life.

All I could think about today was cheesecake. I saw some this morning and wanted some. So I had a mini cheesecake and it was delish.

I have been doing the caloriekingthing- fairly diligently staying near or within my kilojoule intake, even if the food is not so good (like on Sunday after the run) I compensate for it later in the day.

I have not seen much (any) weight drop but my pants were feeling a little looser today. Or maybe I am imagining it.

I have been lacking a bit of motivation at work this week, but felt better after helping a lady near death who was uncomfortable die in comfort. (To clarify, not euthanasia). Her family were appreciative.

Went to the gym and decided that I hated the crowds and left after 20 minutes of good honest sweaty labour on the elliptical trainer.

This evening, went to dental hygienist (i.e. other way for dental surgery to relieve me of my money). I was thinking, while I had my teeth tinkered with, whether that would be more or less pleasant than a sigmoidoscope (rectal exploration tube) without anaesthetic. It would be a fairly close call. But if it saves me from the physical and financial agony of another root canal, it is worth it.

I am now sat on the couch watching recorded NCIS. The house is clean (thankyou cleaner) and so is the dog, we bathed her on the weekend because she stank to high heaven. She is lying here snoring between me and my hubby. Happy days.

Off to sydney for weekend, staying in the Radisson with buffet breakfast. Will bring running gear – weather will be better in syd. Hold me to it, people!

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  1. I’d rather have a freakin pap smear with equipment that has been kept in the freezer than have my bloody teeth cleaned at the dentist!

    In fact both are so desperately unpleasant that they really need to come up with a way of combing the two so you can kill both nasty little birds with one stone, I mean you are reclining back in that chair anyway……

    Gawd, the things I think about to distract myself while in the dentists chair!!!

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