I did it, did it good.


Melbourne Marathon 5 (Ha!) Km

Well I was feeling trepidation when I started off today, but I had Jay with me and, save for all the bottlenecks and folks dodging and weaving, we got a pretty good pace, about 6:30 minute kms.

We passed a few marathoners on the way to the G and I tapped one on the shoulder and said “well done”. I hope that was ok.

So whatever distance we did, I feel good, I feel pumped and most importantly, I have got the bug back!

After the run, Jay and I caught up with Shells and Andrew for some bevwahs and chips. Was good to see the marathoners running along, some looked as though they were in agony.

Anyway, I have booked myself in for the Great Australian Run 15km. I plan to do it with Shells and Jay. Should be a good way to help lose the 3.5kg (and hopefully some more) that I put on during winter.

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  1. Well done today … nice to see you again and to meet your other half, I enjoyed the beer and chips! I’ll have a think about that Great Australian Run – not sure I’m ready for 15km yet.

  2. Well done on today! Woo hoo! And thank you do much for sponsoring me – that’s so kind of you! Lemme know whenever you’re running for a cause, because I’d love to help. RW is out already? Oh man, scary… I need to get to a newsagency…

    I’m thinking about the Great Oz Run too. Perfect training for the half…

  3. You did good little Sassy! Glad you’ve got the running bug back again!
    Yeppers, we’ll go for some more runs together before GAR, looking fwd to it!

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