grumbles…..managed without chocolate or wine.


It has been a bit of a scheissenhausen few days.

Monday – saw an elderly resident of an aged care facility, was quite unwell. Family adamant that it was one of the tablets but it did not seem to be (took her off anyway). Didn’t want to know about anything else. Refused to let me give her anything to help her settle. Very upsetting. Staff at hostel attributing her agitation to “behaviour”.

Tuesday – ran late for work. Rang on mobile to say I would be late for work, nobody at work answering. Got pulled over by cops. Found that facility above had ignored my instructions with regard to above lady. Had sharp words with manager. Went into facility. Lady better but nurse very defensive. Writing notes, dating them remembered that anniversary of dad’s death. Got upset.

Today – nasty letter from above facility. Boss not helpful. Hubby home late from work for 3rd time this week (i.e.every day). Hates his boss. Hates his job.

But on the positive side I have managed to suppress the urge to binge eat. 🙂

Half day tomorrow. Also will be debriefing with other, more helpful boss.

Bring on da weekend…….will be doing 5km with Jay.

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