ok…..I have been SLACK!


I have been a bit slack with blogging lately……a but busy with work and all that stuff.

Some think-bytes:

  • have been doing some teaching, taking tutes for the written physicians exam. A good way of keeping on top of the knowledge is to teach it.
  • have also done a course in “advance care planning” and have had to study up for this.
  • This week has been “sleep as much as I must” week. This means that the exercise has suffered. I exercised on sunday (went and did my first run for 10 mins on the tready) and on weds (pilates) but not much else. Rather than beating myself up about it, I can say it is a. better than nothing and b. better than what most people do. And I mastered a pilates move called the “corkscrew”! Next week is going to be “do lots of exercise” week.
  • Can anybody say something inspiring about running? I have lost all motivation!
  • I am doing the 5km with Janice on MM day, not the half I had registered for, but better than piking out entirely!
  • After feeling bloated and sick a couple of weeks ago, I have gone back onto the wheat free diet. It DOES make a difference.
  • I have hidden my scales again.
  • It is fricking freezing.
  • Re: the last blog (on shopping), I did the shopping. Then I took hubby to doncaster last weekend and shopped for him. I am incorrigible.
  • met up with the TW gals last week, we have the name supersheilas. We are going for a training walk on sunday.
  • am on call this weekend but hope to get to dance class!
  • I have been on call 1 in 2 weekends recently whywhywhy
  • I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. It didn’t help that a lot of ppl that I met with today had put their stupid on.
  • I have a spouse of a patient angry with me today because I told them their spouse was not dying (and put it in my report). They were angry with me because I had made out they were a liar, apparently. I cannot win. I had a bit of internal rage about this but, as always, it very rarely is about me and there are usually a million other things they are angry about……I am just a convenient target.
  • Fish and chips for tea tonight……this lot home deliver. Whoopee dooo!
  • I am going to Sydney for a weekend teaching session on Gerries. Am looking forward to it.
  • Am similarly looking forward to some wine tonight.

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  1. Sassy, there are several reasons why you should run- and the number one reason is that if you read back over your blog you will remember that it makes you feel happy and strong. Number 2 reason is about me- because I would love to be able to run free but can’t- so I am amazed that you are able to run, but chose not to- run for me, because I am just shuffling along getting better, but wishing I was able to run like you.

  2. Like Sara said, the reason you must run is because it will make you feel great. It is also the number one way to burn calories (fish & chips).

    I’m doing the MM 5km – will look out for you!

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