general random ramblingness.


No cohesion today.

  • operation caffeine wean going well but slowly slowly
  • I have agreed (reluctantly) to joining Jaykay’s walking team for trailwalker. What the hell. Good practice for the Inca trail if I ever do it. Which I will! And I might do away with the gym membership when training picks up for TW.
  • I think I would like to go and work in a third world country for a little while. Really in Australia we complain about the health system but it is second only really to Scandinavia. We do not know we are alive.
  • I have discovered an interest (and hopefully some talent) in managing behavioural problems in the elderly with dementia.
  • For Shells: I have booked in a haircut with Phoebe at Fur. I want her to FABULIZE me.
  • Going to mum’s tonight for a roast.
  • I need to finish off my project write up.
  • I need to do my tax return
  • I need to sort out my paperworky stuff
  • I did a contemporary dance class at CM today. I did the intermediate class instead of the beginners (am on call and had to go into work this morning). It was quite difficult especially at the end of the class but it was great fun.
  • Following said class I mosied around South Melbourne. Was fun. Kind of like North Melb but with hook turns.

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  1. Good for you, TW is very rewarding and I have full admiration for anyone who chooses to walk it because I sure as hell couldn’t!

    As I said to Jay, count me in as support crew.

  2. well, hope you liked getting ‘fabulized’! heehee, i’ve been to phoebe at fur twice and i think i’ll keep going to her.

    see you on the trail, little sassy! you too, em! have roped boyfriend into being support crew too. have said that seeing as TW falls on my birthday, he’d better bring cake at the end!!!

  3. Excellent news. Very glad you will be on the team….and I’m looking forward to be able to part of the support crew too. You will love it.

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