Sassy, the ballerina.


So I went to Jazz class on Saturday and decided that I really enjoyed it and was determined to look less like a buffoon.

So along I went to Tuesday beginner/intermediate Jazz, to Richmond from Epping in peak hour. Yerk. Made it just in time.

I really enjoyed the class. The dance at the end was to “Flashdance (what a feeling)”. Very fun. Enjoyed it.

One of the ladies in our class (36, quite overweight but a beautiful dancer) was going along to the Ballet class afterward. I thought hell, yeah, why the hell not! So I went along. 

Good cross training for balance, glute med, calves and adductors.

Also we did a little dance to “wind beneath my wings” (i.e. Beaches soundtrack). Fun and fun again.

I love dancing.

On thursday we are taking my Mother in Law to see Wicked the musical We snaffled some house seats. It is a surprise for her.

Happy days.

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  1. Sounds like you’re loving the dancing!

    When I was watching Andre Rieu (can’t believe I’m saying that) on the weekend, there were some ballerinas in it, and there legs were amazing, especially their calves, so I think you’re right there!

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