From the previous post – I had a comment from ajh. So just to rectify things, I will add another to the list of great men I know:

Running buddies:

AJH, Tigerboy and JH to name a few. Very good blokes. Very encouraging. Always up for a chat.



Finished my current rotation at work. Good to have been appreciated by the team. Had some very nice comments from some of the bosses, which was edifying. Good to know that just turning up to work and doing what I do is cause for appreciation. I try to be helpful, and, if not helpful, then entertaining.

Yesterday arvo, I had mark 2 of root-canal work. Ouchy. Then I went for some comfort shopping. Went to cue and, after seeing the high waisted wide length pants on somebody, I was sold on giving them a go myself. And they make my shorty-short legs look longer, especially when paired with the de rigeur pair of heels. So more money was spent.

This morning went to dance class which I thoroughly enjoyed but was a little hit and miss with nailing the moves. At one point I had a compete spazz-blank and couldn’t do quite a simple move at all. I just ended up freestyling it. It won’t beat me; I will try and do classes twice a week now!

Have been feeling a bit blah in myself today. I always get down on myself after seeing my sister who has lost weight and looks buff and fantastic and I think “what’s wrong with me???”.

But I am trying to shake it off…..

Shells, where art thou?

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  1. Thanks for the erratum 🙂

    The answer to your question (WWWM???) is “Nothing” – keep telling yourself that, cos it’s the truth!

  2. I always begrudge my sister any weight loss! She understands. I wish we could just find our sisters inspirational instead of just grating!

  3. g’day sassy! had a shocking week last week – did stuff i didn’t want to do, didn’t do stuff i wanted to do…ugh…good riddance to last week!

    re: feeling a bit blah. i just read a cool saying on the weekend: “keep your eyes in your own boat”… i am prone to jealousy/coveting what i don’t have/getting upset about what others have got that i don’t/bought their own houses/married/babies/dogs/more money/better jobs/taller/skinnier/prettier etc etc! but you know what, focussing on what others have leaves me feeling inadequate, so i’m going to keep my eyes in my own boat and be happy for what i do have, instead of what i don’t 😀

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