I had a chappy that I went to med school with be rude to me on the phone. He had also been unhelpful to one of the interns and put the phone down on her. So, I thought, “I’m not copping that, buddy!” and sent him a little page telling him to pull his head in. 

In true bully style, he went to my colleague (a softer touch than I) to tell her to tell me what to do. Why could he not face up to me? Perhaps because he knew that he would be put back in his box. Hence my derogatory comment about alpha-males (he is one) on facebook. 

I say, it is good for their soul for somebody to tell them “NO” once in a while. 


I am doing better, food wise. Straight 7’s on the chart.

I am reading a book called “The bride stripped bare” by anonymous. Really good.

I made up a recipe tonight:

Sassy’s Rockin’ Fish.

2 (or however many you want) fillets firm white fish. I used basa.

A bit of cumin, paprika and turmeric (and chilli to taste). A few shakes of salt.

Put fish in non-stick baking dish (or grease one up). Tip spice mixture over the fish.

Put in oven at 180degrees. Cook fish till cooked. 

Sprinkle with lemon and eat. Was very tasty.

Went to another pilates class tonight. Missed out on free dinner at Jacques Reymond. (The drug company dos are not that good anyway, and am watching my figure). Also, the pilates studio has a prize draw for whoever goes to all their classes in the block. On offer is an 8 week pilates course for free, and one of two shiatsu sessions. Bring it on!

Nitey nite.

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