Bingeing and Splurging


Ok it was a rooolly good weekend, but not a great deal of restraint was shown.

Fridee night: Left work early after there was no more work to do and my colleague gave me the ok. So I went to Doncaster Shoppingtown! I was like a kid in a candy/toy store. I went into Mecca cosmetica and bought a ridiculously expensive cleanser made by Madonna’s dermatologist (no, am not kidding) and some really nice foundation sticks that do not make my skin oily. Then I bought a really pretty but oh-so expensive bag from mimco. Then some HOT brown boots (the right style, colour and capacious enough to fit my sizeable calves), and better yet at about 60% off, for $115!! Then a nice present for Nanny, some tops from Veronika Maine and a nice, but cheap necklace from forever new.

Then I went off to visit a colleague at her flash home in Eaglemont. She is a new friend of mine who I met via the geriatric training sessions. She is a great girl and we get along really well. I had left a handbag in her car and I went to pick it up. I met her 2 kids, 3 years old and 18months old. We had a good yak ‘n cackle.

On saturday, I had to go do a round at work. Then Ian and I went for lunch. Then on road trip, with my sister, mother, brother and his grecian goddess girlfriend. With moi driving the 4 of them. Luckily, with my nerves of steel, we made it to Stawell in one piece each. We got tailgated by a b-double truck and my bro rang the cops on him. So funny. Macdonalds was had for dinner đŸ˜¦

Then, today, we had nannas 90th birthday. She has completely lost her marbles and can only recognise close family members. She did not know it was her birthday and did not want to go out “in the cold” and actually started crying when we took her out of her nursing home. My sister, who is an aged care nurse, talked her into the car. She was quite funny, with her frontal lobes being out of order, she pulls funny faces and makes quite funny comments such as, when I reminded her that I was married (she attended the wedding) she said “Why’d you do that???” She can behave inappropriately at times too. It is quite sad. In a way, the party was more for her family members than her, it may be the last one she has, certainly the last milestone birthday.

Then, after much sausage rolls, saveloys, soup, home-made pavlova, cheese, dips and bickies were eaten, we made the 3 hour back home together. Hence the weekend has been a bit of a write-off food wise.

Oh, and I have been keeping the scores: (stars denote exercise taken)

Wednesday: 8*

Thursday: 5 (thai out with girls, watched portion size, scones at afternoon tea)

Friday: 7*

Saturday 5* (maccas for tea but good first half day)

Sunday 5 (see above)

Hmmmm….. Will need to do better.

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  1. Christ, I behave like that on my birthday’s already! I don’t blame poor old Nan, when I reach the ripe old age of 90 all the relos better damn well come to me, I ‘aint going out in the cold either đŸ˜†

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