That is, pilates complete with farting.

I did my first pilates class for a coupla months – and by God, was it hard! My glute med have atrophied. And all that squeezing the tummy in and straining when feeling a bit bloated results in whoopsies. The noise can be camouflaged but the smell, unfortunately, cannot. But it was a great class with Sophie, she is a very good instructor.

I heard about some contemporary dance classes for beginners. Would love to give it a crack. But oh, the time! the time!

A flash of inspiration today….

I need some way of keeping myself from having calorie and junk food amnesia. I was considering going back to calorie king to record my intake but it is very time consuming and boring and I have things that I would much rather be doing. So I thought I have to have a simple way of recording it. 

So….what I am doing now is putting a score out of 10 on every day on the calendar. Taking into accout stuff like

  • Portion Controls
  • Extraneous things like cakes, chocolates, sweeties etc
  • amount of vegies and good proteins eaten
  • Alcohol   etc.

And then a star beside it if I exercised. 2 stars if it was a big exercise.

I would aim for a score greater than 7 most days with the odd slip below 5 (not more than once per week).

I have not worked out the reward system is yet, but I feel that a certain amount of points or stars should earn a prize.

Best thing is – it is a reward (rather than punishment) system and it is simpler than calorie counting.

I think today should earn a 7.5 or 8, but I will round up. And I got a star for pilates. I will record them when I do my blog, so I can be cheered on.

On work….

It is giving me the shits. I need the “WTF?” stamp so I don’t need to write a big spiel in the notes.

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  1. I agree with the calorie counting – it was too much trouble for me while I was losing my weight, I just couldn’t be bothered.

    Healthy choices, portion control, cutting out the crap, and limiting special (bad) things to treats every now and then is all I did (do).

  2. I think the reason why I loose weight when using CK is because I just can’t be stuffed doing the data entry so I don’t bother eating as much.

    It’s also a pain when you have a home made meal and are trying to fit it into the system.

  3. if you do all of that, you will definetly lose weight!

    calorie counting is boring and time consuming (yet i still do it!).

    i also think it’s important not to chastise yourself for ‘bad’ eating. you’re not doing it everyday and in the long term it’s no big deal. so don’t be too hard on yourself!

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